Information for Commercial Exhibitors

Capital Jazz Fest 2018


If you are a business or corporation interested in commercial exhibitor space at the Capital Jazz Fest, you may submit a Commercial Exhibitor application.

Commercial exhibitor booths at the Capital Jazz Fest allow your company to achieve direct, one-on-one interaction with potential customers from our relatively upscale audience. It's an excellent opportunity to create or increase awareness of your company and its products and services. It's also a great place to generate sales leads and to distribute samples and promotional materials.


Exhibiting Dates: June 2-3, 2018 (rain or shine)
Note: Exhibiting is not available at the June 1 show.

Location: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Md. (Located between Washington and Baltimore)

Average Annual Attendance: 30,000+ (a ticketed event)

Program: Live music, crafts, food.

Exhibitor Check-in Times: Friday from 8am-4pm; Sat. and Sun. from 7am-9am each day.

Exhibiting Hours: Sat. and Sun. from 10am-10pm each day


1. The name “Capital Jazz Fest” is a registered trademark of Capital Jazz Productions. Merchandise or promotional items bearing this mark may not be produced, displayed, or sold.
2. Exhibitor booths may not be used for the sale of food or beverages.
3. Exhibitors are responsible for delivery, erection, removal, storage, and protection of their own displays, goods, and materials. Overnight storage is permitted on-site.
4. Festival is not responsible for loss of or damage to exhibitors' property.
5. Booths must be staffed at all times during all exhibiting hours.
6. All exhibitors must check-in during check-in hours each show-day. Exhibitors will not be admitted after check-in hours. Refunds will not be given to late-comers or no-shows.
7. Exhibitors must dispose of all trash at end of event.
8.  While the exhibiting area walkways are lit after dark, exhibitors are responsible for lighting their individual booths. Electricity is provided free of charge. Exhibitors planning to use machinery, heating devices, or other high-consumption electrical equipment at their booth must receive prior written approval for the use of said equipment. Additional fee may apply and festival reserves the right to disconnect or cut power to any booth using any such unapproved equipment.
9. Any extension cords used must be heavy-duty, three-prong outdoor type. Two-prong cords are not permitted.
10. Tables and chairs are not provided by festival.
11.  Pets, alcoholic beverages, firearms, and open flames may not be brought on-site. Additionally, smoking is not permitted neither outdoors nor indoors at Merriweather Post Pavilion.
12. Music may not be performed or broadcast from any exhibitor booth.
13. Please bring appropriate rain covers and ground coverings in case of rain. Any tent or canopy provided by exhibitor must display a fire safety compliance label and must be properly secured to ground in case of strong winds.
14. Exhibitors may not sublet or share space with other companies.

Please read the above rules before
beginning your application




For further information on commercial exhibitor booths, please call 877-619-2929

2018 Talent Lineup

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