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The Fathom Adonia

The modern 704-passenger Adonia, your home for the seven days of your journey, is a small adventure in itself. In addition to nourishing your hunger to make a difference, your voyage will also nourish your body with thoughtfully prepared, Cuban-inspired meals that include a variety of vegetarian options. There’s a pool, a gym, a games deck, even a full-sized library. And, of course, there’s the infinite mystery of the wide, wide sea around you. So your spirit gets a bit of extra nourishment too.

But, beyond its built-in amenities, what matters most about the Adonia is its size. It’s small enough to let you get genuinely acquainted with your fellow travelers: the people who share your desire for meaningful human connection. And, for the Fathom voyager, that’s the most important amenity of all.


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