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October 24 - November 1, 2015

Group Booking Info for 2015

The SuperCruise offers incentives for groups booking ten (10) or more paid cabins on the 2015 SuperCruise.  One complimentary cabin will be offered for every ten (10) paid cabins booked in a group. Further details on the program are described below:

  • A group leader application must be submitted by the group leader to officially register the group.
  • Group leaders must book their own cabin before registering as a group leader. Group leaders must keep their own monthly payments current or risk losing their group leader status.
  • After your application is received and approved, a group code will be assigned to your group.
  • Members of your group may book their cabins via this web site using your group code.
  • Group leaders may also book cabins for members of their group via this web site.
  • All group reservations must be made online via this web site. No group credit will be given for reservations made via phone.
  • Members of your group must adhere to their selected installment payment schedule, with final balances due by July 15, 2015.
  • Credit will not be given for group members with past-due balances, final payments not received by the due date, or canceled reservations.
  • Past SuperCruise guests may not be included in your group unless they were part of your group on the 2013 or 2014 SuperCruise.
  • Group leaders must generate their own sales leads. Using our Capital Jazz Facebook page to solicit group members is not permitted under any circumstances. Violation of this rule will result in revocation of your group code and/or forfeiture of any earned complimentary cabins.
  • Members of groups are subject to the same refund/cancellation policy as other guests.
  • Group leaders must indemnify and hold harmless Capital Jazz Productions for a) any claims resulting from errors or omissions made by the group leader; and b) any disputes between the group leader and group members.

A complimentary cabin will be offered under the following guidelines:

  • If 10 paid cabins are booked by January 15, 2015, a complimentary balcony cabin will be offered.
  • If 10 paid cabins are booked by March 15, 2015 a complimentary ocean view cabin will be offered.
  • If 10 paid cabins are booked after March 15, 2015, a complimentary interior cabin will be offered.
  • The group leader's complimentary cabin does not count towards the 10 cabin minimum.
  • Complimentary cabins may be upgraded for an additional fee, subject to availability.
  • Complimentary cabins are double-occupancy only. (No triples or quads.)
  • Complimentary cabins are subject to TGF surcharge (Taxes/Gratuities/Fees) of $209 per person (total of $418 per cabin).
  • Group leaders earning a complimentary cabin will receive a refund of any prior payments made towards that cabin. Said refund will be issued within 30 days following the cruise.
  • Separate groups cannot be combined for purposes of receiving a complimentary cabin.
  • Unused complimentary cabins may not be transferred to future cruises.

Note: Group reservations are subject to cabin availability. Group booking program will end once 2015 cruise is sold out.




Please allow 3-5 business days for processing of group leader applications. Thank you.