The SuperCruise VIII

8th Annual Capital Jazz SuperCruise
October 18-26, 2014
Cabin Pricing & Availability


Updated Mar 24, 2014


All pricing is per-person based on double-occupancy per cabin unless otherwise noted. Pricing does not include "TGF" surcharge (taxes, gratuities, & fees) of $222 per person. Book early for best pricing and cabin availability. A deposit of $300 per person (or $600 per person for suites or singles) is required to reserve a cabin.

Interior Cabins
Deck #

Pricing thru Feb 28, 2014

Pricing after Feb 28, 2014


Lower Deck Interior Cabins


$1,775 ---- Sold Out


1 & 2
$1,830 $1,880 Available
Upper Deck Interior Cabins
$1,945 $1,995 Fewer than 10 cabins remaining
6 & 7
7 & 8
$1,985 $2,035 Available
8 & 9
$2,005 $2,055 Available
9 & 10
Single Occupancy Cabins*
1 & 2 ---- ---- Sold Out
PT (with porthole)
1 & 2 ---- ---- Sold Out
*Pricing for Single Occupancy cabins based on one person per cabin
Ocean View Cabins (without balcony)
Deck #

Pricing thru Feb 28, 2014

Pricing after Feb 28, 2014


---- ---- Sold Out
1 & 2
$2,215 $2,265 Sold Out
Ocean View Cabins with Balcony
Deck #

Pricing thru Feb 28, 2014

Pricing after Feb 28, 2014



---- ---- Sold Out


6 & 7 ---- ---- Sold Out
8C 7 & 8 ---- ---- Sold Out
8D 8 & 9 ---- ---- Sold Out
8E 9 & 10 ---- ---- Sold Out
8F 10 & 11 ---- ---- Sold Out
8M 6 & 7 ---- ---- Sold Out
8N 8 ---- ---- Sold Out
9C 6, 7, 8 ---- ---- Sold Out
Deck #

Pricing thru Feb 28, 2014

Pricing after Feb 28, 2014


JS - Junior Suites
---- ---- Sold Out
OS - Ocean Suites
---- ---- Sold Out
GS - Grand Suites
---- ---- Sold Out

All prices are per-person based on double occupancy per cabin unless otherwise noted. There are a limited number of triple and quad-occupancy cabins on the ship. For these cabins, the first two guests are each charged the full double-occupancy price per-person. Additional guests in the same cabin are each charged half of the double-occupancy price per-person. (For single occupancy of a double-occupancy cabin, the guest is charged twice the full double-occupancy price plus a $100 single supplement. For single-occupancy cabins, the single supplement fee is waived.)

*Availability grid is not updated in real time. Actual cabin inventory may differ from what is indicated on grid.


Seeking a roommate for the cruise?
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What’s Included?

The following amenities are included in the price of the SuperCruise:

  • 8 nights accommodations on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • Complimentary round-trip ground transfer between airport and ship (FLL and MIA airports only)
  • Select non-alcoholic beverages
  • All concerts, shows, and live entertainment
  • All parties and after-parties
  • All workshops, classes, and other activities on ship (unless specifically excluded)
  • Use of fitness center
  • Room service meals

What’s Not Included?

The following amenities are not included in the price of the SuperCruise:

  • Mandatory "TGF" surcharge (Taxes, Gratuities, & Fees) of $222 per person to cover all port taxes and charges, standard Carnival gratuities, and governmental fees
  • Alcoholic beverages, sodas, and bottled water
  • Air travel to/from Florida
  • Optional dinners in the ship's steakhouse
  • Optional excursions and activities at the ports of call
  • Certain optional ship activities offered by the cruise line (such as spa treatments, personal training, wine-tastings, yoga classes, etc.)
  • Use of Internet Cafe or Wi-Fi on the ship


A deposit of $300 per person (or $600 per person for suites or singles) is required to reserve a cabin on the SuperCruise. If you will be booking a double-occupancy cabin, your reservation will not be confirmed until deposits have been received for both roommates. If only one party will be occupying a double-occupancy cabin, a $600 deposit will be required. Initial deposits must be made by credit or debit card only. Checks are not accepted for deposits.

Installment Payments

Customers have three payment options:

        1) Pay balance in full at time of booking

        2) Initial deposit + monthly installment payments

Guests are required to adhere to the payment plan selected until balance is fully paid. Installment payments are due on the 15th of each month, with final payment due by July 15, 2014. For cabins booked after June 30, 2014, full payment is due at time of booking.

Late Payment Policy

Customers on the installment plan are required to make regular payments in accordance with the selected payment plan. If an account becomes 15 days past due, the customer will lose their cabin assignment and their reservation will be suspended. The customer will then have 15 days to bring the account current. If the account is brought current within those 15 days, they will receive a new cabin assignment, based on current availability and pricing. Any early discounts will be lost and the account balance adjusted accordingly. If an account becomes 30 days past due, the reservation will be automatically canceled and all payments forfeited.

TGF Surcharge (Taxes, Gratuities, & Fees)

All fares are subject to a "TGF" surcharge of $222 per person, which covers all port taxes and charges, gratuities, and governmental fees for the cruise.  (Taxes, gratuities, and fees for optional products and services purchased during the cruise are not included in this surcharge.)

15-Day Refund/Cancellation Policy

For reservations made through June 30, 2014, deposits are fully-refundable, for any reason, until 15 days after the date of initial booking only. Guests canceling their reservations after 15 days will forfeit their deposit and any payments made. For reservations made after June 30, 2014, all deposits and payments are non-refundable. Guests are strongly encouraged to obtain travel insurance to protect themselves in the event of cancellation. For more details on travel insurance, CLICK HERE.

Group Bookings

The SuperCruise offers incentives for groups booking ten or more cabins on the SuperCruise. One complimentary cabin will be offered for every ten paid cabins booked in a group.
Click here for more details.

Travel Agents

Our Travel Agent Program allows eligible travel agents to book their clients on our 2013 or 2014 SuperCruise. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

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